Abby Z and The New Utility, photo by Effy Falck (Fusebox Festival 2018)

Fusebox was founded by artists and they remain central to our mission. We want Austin to be a viable home for artists to live. As affordability becomes a greater issue, we want to double down on our support for artists. Paying artists is a priority for us and represents our biggest festival expense each year. We also feel that festivals have a role to play in supporting the creation of new work (as opposed to simply presenting already finished projects). Relatedly, our hope for Austin is that it remains a place where art is created, and not simply consumed. To this end we support the creation of new work through the commissioning of select projects each year.

In addition, we also offer artists professional development and networking opportunities, free hands-on trainings and workshops with artists from around the world, and advice on touring.

House of Kenzo (Fusebox Festival 2017)