Image by Mamoru Iriguchi


Brian Lobel

On his 30th birthday, Brian Lobel played the world’s most brutal game of friendship maintenance: over 5 days in public cafes, Brian gave strangers one minute to decide which of his 1300 Facebook friends to keep or delete. The deleting was real, the pace was maniacal, the results were final.

50 hours of performance, 800 emails from angry, amused and intrigued friends and over 2500 comments from people watching via live stream later, Purge the stage show is an interactive performance lecture exploring the process of, and fallout from Purge and examines how we emotionally and socially interact with digital media.

PURGE has been performed in the London, Brighton, Manchester, Cambridge, Edinburgh, NYC, Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, Santarcangelo, Tromso, Bern and beyond.

“Probing the basis of why we choose people to befriend and why they want to be our friends is fascinating, and Lobel poses this idea with so much charm that you might feel that you want him to be your friend. Or do you?”  The Latest, Brighton (4.5 stars)

Chipp Jansen (Technology Design) Mamoru Iriguchi (Purge Design and Logo) Purge the stage show was developed with support from Arts Council England.

Purge is written and performed by Brian Lobel.

PURGE will also be repeated by two Austin-based performers as part of Fusebox Festival 2015.  Hear these Purgers out at Sa-Tén Coffee anytime between 1-7pm, Tuesday April 7 – Friday April 10 and help them decide which Facebook friends they should KEEP or DELETE.

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