McDonogh #35 Senior High School Marching Band, photo by AshleyLorraine

The inaugural Live in America Festival has been postponed to June 1-12, 2022.  Tickets remain available at the Momentary.

Live in America

The Live in America Festival gathers artists and thinkers from across America’s distinctive cultural landscape to share and celebrate the power of communities in performance. This festival of live performance and cultural practice features more than 300 artists from a diverse array of communities: Las Vegas, Nevada; Ciudad Juárez, Mexico-El Paso, Texas border region; Northwest Arkansas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Sumter Co. Alabama; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Detroit, Michigan; the Pueblo, Diné, Hopi, and Apache Nations of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in partnership with Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island.

From Two-Spirit powwows to queer Carribbean cabarets, from New Orleans bounce music to Detroit blues, from fantastical Vegas light scapes to the layered sounds of Border bridges, Live in America empowers its diverse teams of artists to present art built by their communities, grounded in community practice, and serving community purposes. With these performances and cultural practices, the artists of Live in America ask audiences to consider, connect, and create exchange.

Admission to all festival events is free for all but reservations are required.