It’s not membership —  it’s ADVENTURESHIP!

Adventureship is a fun way to connect with innovative artists and explore Austin, while playing a vital role in supporting Fusebox and ensuring that our festival is 100% free to attend for everyone.

By joining the Adventureship club you have access to quarterly events that explore fun, unusual places in Austin–ranging from new restaurants and bars, to unique homes and gardens, to strange, wonderful sites that remain largely off the beaten path. Each of these field trips are paired with an intimate conversation with an artist that we love, creating multiple opportunities throughout the year to connect in a tangible way with some of the leading performing artists in Austin and the world.

Access for You
Your Adventureship Membership gives you access to events, studio visits, and early festival reservations.
Access for Others
Your Adventureship Membership supports Fusebox in its mission to keep the festival free and accessible for all.